Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I've Got Spring Fever

Petrea Vine in Greenhouse

Oh how I long for real Spring to arrive here in Houston!  The weather keeps teasing us with warm sunny days, and yet snow is in the forecast for tonight.  I keep walking the greenhouses here at work, my mind just spinning with combinations I want to plant in my flower beds.  Even though March 1st is considered Houston's average last frost date, I think we'll see colder temps into the middle of March.  I'm finding it hard to follow my own advice, and not mess with anything in the yard until then.  I'm anxious to see what has really survived this  winter, and what has bit the dust forever.  I can't wait to sink my hands into some soil, plant my seedlings I started this January, and await the arrival of the first butterflies dancing in the sunshine.  I officially have Spring fever!


  1. I've got it also! Saw a Carolina Wren making a nest today, heard more birds than usual. Not seen a butterfly yet(in the US that is) usually get one by the first week of February. It is coming and we might get snow tomorrow.

  2. I'll probably change my mind about the garden combinations I want about 500 times before April finally arrives lol. We've been seeing a lot colder weather here in NC as well, and I think winter's going to last a little longer than usual :(

  3. Yeah, I'm somewhat worried about putting plants out right after the last frost date here of March 4. It was freezing last night and will be tonight. I just don't trust this winter.


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