Sunday, June 20, 2010

AIM Dominican Mission Trip: Day 4

This was the beginning of day 4 for us, and the third day of the camp.  It started out like every other day...

...Until we popped a tire on the way to the baseball field in Bella Vista! (luckily we were only 100 yards from the site when it popped!)

We started our VBS that morning with Alfre leading the worship.  The picture below shows him, his Dad, Orlando (who is a 7 time Dominican Surfing Champion!), and Alfre's aunt.  We had a large group of kids accept Christ that morning, but my pictures did not turn out for some reason.

Along with all the drills the kids were doing, they started a baseball relay race which was very funny to watch.

The ladies were able to start a scrimmage game!

The guys playing Basketball...

The girls were practicing volleyball...

And then, before you knew it, it was hot dog time!

A bit of relaxing after a hot day!

We all decided to walk down to the river and take a swim.

Christian was the first one in!

Alfre was next!

Brittney joined him, but I was slow to jump into the freezing cold water...

Christian started splashing me...

And I finally just took the plunge!  It was very refreshing after the hot day!

Alfre and the two boys with us caught (what I think is) a freshwater shrimp.

Soon the others in our group joined us in the river and the splash war began!  It was a big party!  All the kids from camp joined us along with the coaches and everyone had a fun time in the refreshing water!

Then I caught these boys climbing up a tree on the other side of the river bank.

And I think I let out a scream as he jumped out into the water!

Alfre cut all of us more sugar can to chew on!  It was a very fun party to end our day!

We made it back to the hotel, and a big group of us made the walk up to the local grocery store to get some junk food.  

After we made it back to the hotel, I got to work with the rest of the photography team on finishing up the last of the baseball, basketball, and volleyball cards.  We worked late that night finishing them up, and we also got to print some extra photos to give away to the kids and Dominican coaches that helped all week.

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