Wednesday, October 28, 2009

94) Scatter Bluebonnet Seeds at the Farm. (check!)

Today, I crossed off #94 on my 101 in 1001 list of things to do.  I have been wanting to scatter Bluebonnet seeds along the lane that leads to our property for awhile now.  I remember when I was my kids age, Grandma and I would walk down the road and I would pick flowers or smell the buttercups and honeysuckle.  Our neighbor mowed the flowers too early one Spring, and that was the end of the Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes she had growing along the lane.  I've wanted to replace them, but I have always missed my sowing date by the time I think about it.

Earlier this month, Dad and I went to Wildseed Farms in Fredricksburg, TX and bought 1lb of Bluebonnet seeds along with 1/4 lb of wildflower seed mix.  I wanted the wildflowers planted because Dad has a honey bee company coming this Spring to put some hives on our property.  The bees need something to eat, so I scattered all their favorites. (okay, I confess:  I planted the favorites of the butterflies and hummingbirds too.)

The wildflower seeds were spread on the backside of our property and along the fence of the vegetable patch my Dad and I have.  My Dad made my life much easier by tilling the ground for me (I think he felt sorry for me raking the ground by hand.)  My littlest son, Westin, helped scatter the seeds too (I think he ate a few while I wasn't looking!)

After I spread the wildflower mix, Dad tilled two small areas by our entrance gate for a small patch of Bluebonnets.  I planted those and then moved down the lane to spread the rest of the seeds.  We didn't want to till the lane since we aren't the only ones who use it.  So, I used a rake to rough up the ground and spread a 1/2 lb of seeds in a sunny spot along the lane.  I'm hoping they make it since the ground there is kind of hard.  I kept about an 1/8 of a lb in case they don't come up.  We shall see in a few weeks!

I had such a good day!  I crossed off a "to-do" on my big list, and had a great day with family.  I can't wait 'til Spring when everything is in bloom!

Oh, I almost forgot!

Dad fixed the Jeep my grandfather made from an old refrigerator.  I know it may look a little beat up, but Dad is going to have it repainted soon.  This Jeep was made by my grandfather for my Dad and Aunt Linda to drive around.  This was WAY before the kid vehicles you see now.  The Jeep made it through my cousins and my brother and I.  My other kids have gotten to drive it, but then it sat for a few years.  Dad got it going again so Westin could have his turn wrecking the poor thing (like it doesn't have enough scratches and dings already!)  He's a little to young yet to drive it on his own, so I gave him some help.

I think he was  a little scared of it at first since it does have a real motor in it and is kind of loud.  Once we started going though, he was all smiles!  I can't wait to see what he crashes into first.  My whole family all remember the first thing they crashed into.  I think I hit the tree in the front yard more than once.  I have so many good childhood memories on this Jeep.  I'm glad my kids get to experience it too.

That's my day, folks!  It was a good one!

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  1. How cool! I can't wait to see what sprouts up and hear about the bees! And the jeep is great. I have a memory of running into our (stucco - grandfather was a mason/plasterer) fishing shack on a lake in WI on the "cottage mini bike" (like way before ATVs). Knocked myself right out - ha.


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