Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I was walking the nursery this morning and couldn't help but be in awe of this Fall bloomer, Cassia.  The yellow flowers cover this plant in bright color when most other flowering trees are starting to lose their leaves for winter.  The golden flowers are sure to bring butterflies, bees and birds to your landscape.  This tall shrub/short tree reaches 10-12 ft in Houston and is evergreen to 25 degrees F.  The leaves are finely textured and give the tree an airy look when blowing in the wind.  Large seed pods form after the flowers are done blooming and can be sown after they have dried on the plant. (Although, I tried starting seeds of this variety last winter but didn't have any luck with germination.)  Luckily a friend of mine dug one of her volunteer Cassia's up from her house and gave me one!  After the transplanting, mine hasn't bloomed this season.  At least I get to enjoy the ones at work!  If you have a sunny spot in your garden, this is a must!

By the way, can you tell from the picture how beautiful the weather is here?  Beautiful blue skies, no humidity, cool mornings, warm days, and did I mention the no humidity?!  I just love fall weather.  It's days like this I am so glad I work outside!

This plant made my day!  How 'bout yours?


  1. Stunning!
    IT is lovely here in CO too. Best thing about Co is the sun. Worst thing? I will think of something.

  2. This is beautiful and did make my day. It probably wouldn't survive here so thanks for letting me see it bloomin' your way. By the way, you have been hammered with the Honest Scrap Award. See my blog post "Egads! ..." for details. Please note that you are not obligated to participate and if you hate this sort of thing, I am truly sorry, but I do enjoy your blog.

  3. Most definitely love that yellow and it did make my day! I enjoyed visiting your blog. 5 boys? God love you. I know there is always action at your house!

  4. I love Cassia and fall weather. I think one of the best things about being a Horticulturist is that you are not stuck behind a desk all day. You can always get up and go outside and enjoy the beauty.


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