Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Fresh Scent of Geraniums

At the nursery I work at, we have a wide variety of Geraniums for sale this Spring.  The flower colors are spectacular, the leaves are intriguing, but the scent is like freshly mowed grass, a crisp breeze, rain on the horizon, and fresh earth all rolled into one.  Since I can't post a scent in a blog, here are a few of my favorite Geranium blooms this season.

Pink Mega Splash

White Mega Splash

Tricolor (I LOVE the foliage on this one!)

Americana Red

Graffiti Fire

Americana Cherry Rose

Americana Salmon

Graffiti Double Red

In Houston, Geraniums do best in a morning sun/ afternoon shade setting.  They will last through the summer as long as they get the relief from the hot sun in July and August.  Actually, I've had customers tell me they've had theirs for years until the freeze of 2010 killed them off.  They make great potted plants, hanging baskets, and add a splash of color throughout a shady bed area.  Give them a well drained soil to thrive in and they will be sure to give you joy!

These plants made my day!  How 'bout yours?


  1. It is nice to see artwork in flowers, how colors come in shades to give flowers real character! ~bangchik

  2. It's amazing to see the differences in the same KIND of flower, isn't it? Just like any family, I suppose. The Pink Mega Splash is appropriately named, and my fave among this collection!

  3. I love the Pink Mega Splash & Americana Cherry Rose! The Americana Salmon is not bad either, but the above 2 are my favorites. A benefit of living in the same ciy would be that you could be my gardeness (female gardener). I could pick out flowers with you and keep you company on my porch while you plant. Then we could take breaks (actually you would be taking a break), but we could drink lemonade & ice tea on the porch swing while gossiping about whatever comes up. Delightful! I guess I'd have to have a pool in this fantasy too. -SR

  4. I love geraniums. I've had a pink americana for many years. It doesn't grow too tall. I keep a couple all year on my kitchen window sill. They are blooming now, even with new fallen snow outside. In the summer I put them out in pots and bring them inside for color all winter.

  5. Where can I buy geraniums in Houston now in October? They do far better in the winter here (the summer sun burns them up in July and August), yet all the nurseries only carry them in the spring. Teas was the only nursery smart enough to sell them in the fall, but they're gone now.


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