Tuesday, March 9, 2010

'Kristen's Pink' Abutilon

I've had my eye on this sweet Abutilon all winter as it grew in our greenhouses at work.  As February ended, this plant started blooming with soft pink, upside down, 3 inch flowers that are very appealing.  This Abutilon is evergreen in Houston and stays around 18-24 inches high, making it perfect for a low growing specimen plant, or low border in a dappled light setting.  'Kristen's Pink' also makes a great  "Thriller"  plant when used in a container.  Ever blooming throughout the year, this plant provides a great source for butterflies, birds, and bees to visit in the landscape.

I am just smitten with this plant.  I can't wait to include it in my new flower bed at my house!  This plant made my day!  How 'bout yours?

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  1. I have a 'Marilyn's Choice' and I have never seen the bloom fully open up. I had to change the location of mine because it was getting too much sun. I love your 'Kristen's Pink' very pretty!


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