Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: A Year in Blooms

If you read my blog on any sort of regular basis, you know I have a flower of the day section where I post a flower that has brought me joy that day.  I may not post everyday, but not a day goes by that I don't pick a flower in my head.  It brings me joy on a bad day, brightens an already sunny day and gives my soul a moment with God as I say thanks for creating such a wonderful piece of art for me to enjoy.  The following are my favorite moments with Him as He walked me in the garden.

January: Snapdragon

February: Saucer Magnolia Tree

March: Columbine

April: Butterfly Bush

May: Peonies

June: Crazy Daisy

July: Celosia

August: Porterweed

September: 'Grandpa Otts' Morning Glory

October: Confederate Rose

November: Fall Color

December: 'Belinda's Dream' Rose

Happy New Year, everyone!  
May 2010 bring you great joy and many blessings!


  1. The year has given you a wonderful bouquet of blooms. Thanks for sharing with us. The heart must be open to see all the beauty around us and to appreciate what God has given. May you have a blessed year in 2010. Deborah

  2. Pretty blooms, but your peony is to die for, so beautiful! Happy New Year!

  3. Hello Sarah,

    I love your daily tradition. Your pictures are just beautiful, especially the Celosia. I wish you a very Happy 2010

  4. Hi Sarah, Lovely photos and I love your first shot of Digitalis (foxglove). Wishing you a Happy 2010 too! Carol


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