Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jack Frost Nipping at Your Rose!

It snowed in Houston yesterday, and while my yard didn't look anything like Janie's, who is a bit further south than me, we did get flakes coming down almost all day.  It was beautiful to see, but I was far from excited about the weather like most others were.  First of all, my day started out in the freezing cold weather covering plants at the nursery I work at.  I am a heat lover, so I really wasn't very happy about working in the snow, sleet, rain or whatever it was falling from the sky!  Second, all I could think about was how long I have to wait until Spring arrives when everything looks pretty again.  I really don't know how people in the north survive!

The snow coming down.

Snow accumulating on the Cabbage

And a little bit on the planter box fence at work.

I don't think the Ginger is going to be very happy!

The snow melted right away which left us with icy conditions as the temps continued to drop into the low 20's.  This is what I woke up to this morning...Jack Frost blanketing everything.

Red Crane Cabbage


Butterfly Weed

Belinda's Dream Rose:  She looks so sad!

Double Knockout Rose

Blue Porterweed

Sweet Potato Vine

'Anne Marie' Lantana

I've heard it's going to be a hard winter here. Seeing how we normally don't get a hard freeze like this until January, I think they might be right!  I can't wait until Spring when everything returns to its full glory, and the butterflies come back to play!


  1. I like your title! Looks like you got a little bit more frost than we did. Your photos are pretty and I especially like the cabbage with the frost. Stay warm....:)

  2. 20's? enjoy the heatwave!

    Your poor plants. :(

  3. Hi Sarah,

    I just love how beautiful the snow looks on your cabbages. But, I am with you...I love warm weather which makes my garden look much better then it does now :-)

  4. My garden is so sad, too. AND now it is raining again, so what is left will probably drown.

    Time to get out the books, seed catalogs, drafting tools and sketch papers. Time to start planning.

  5. My plants are totally covered in snow, but I hope you'll visit and check out my Giveaway. Right Rose Right Place by Peter Scheider. Just leave a comment.


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