Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Fruits of My Labor

As I write this, there is a video game blaring on my T.V. that my boys and husband have been playing since we got home from church.  They are in the final stages of a game with a determination to beat it today.  My two-year-old has interrupted this very sentence a few times just to come sit on my lap and see what I'm up to.  Just now, my oldest son walked up to me to stare over my shoulder and see what I'm doing on the internet.  The washing machine is on spin cycle while the dryer is in the final stages of drying the last load of towels (for today.)  All this to say, it's a bit loud in here!  I already retreated outside to walk my gardens, but I'm rethinking why I decided to leave the serenity of my plants to come back inside! Oh yeah, it was those darn mosquitoes!

It finally rained this past Friday after a month without a drop.  I came home from work and sat on my back porch listening to the drops tapping on the tin roof.  I could practically hear my plants rejoicing in the rain as they absorbed every drop.  (Okay, so maybe I was the one rejoicing.)  But, I just love how much greener the leaves are after a good rain!  The rain continued into Saturday and now that Sunday is here with lots of sunshine, all the little garden creatures are out and about again...including the mosquitoes!  But sometimes it's worth becoming a meal to go out and enjoy some of the fruits of your labor!

These Black Swallowtail cat's are really enjoying my Dill

A baby cucumber...

...and one ready to eat!

These somehow never make it out of the garden...I eat them right off the vine!

My Basil

The last of the Peaches on my Peach Tree

These plants made my day!  How 'bout yours?

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  1. fantastic swallowtail caterpillars - so beautiful!


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