Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pyracantha 'Firethorn'

This shrub is one that often gets overlooked in the landscape until it produces these fall colored berries.  In the Spring, this tiny glossy leafed evergreen shrub produces clusters of tiny white flowers.  These become the berries that start turning yellow, orange and finally, red in the fall through winter.  These berries make great additions to a Thanksgiving floral arrangement centerpiece.  This shrub is very adaptable to almost any condition. Wet, dry, cold or hot, Pyracantha seems to thrive well.  There are several varieties, but most plants can reach 10-12 ft tall and wide.  This plant picks up its nickname 'Firethorn' from the thorns that sit on the underside of the leaves.  This makes for an ideal privacy hedge that will keep animal intruders at bay.  Birds will flock to eat the colorful berries, which is always a nice sight to enjoy.  Evergreen, pretty flowers in the Spring, colorful berries in the Fall, what more could you want out of a shrub?

This plant made my day! How 'bout yours?

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